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Re: Pls. Help, or maybe Divorce (NO)!!!!!

Have you told your dr about this? There are some things they can give yo to help with your sex drive. I've also hear Gingko Biloba works, although I haven't tried that yet.

I am on Lexapro and also have no sex drive. My best friend is the same way. She and her hubby made a resolution to have sex every single day during the month of January. At first she had to force herself, but now she looks forward to it and they are closer than ever.

I took her advice and did the same (although our resolution was only 3x per week, every day is a little too ambitious for me). We are on our first week, and I am still forcing myself to do it, but I am finding it enjoyable and less of a hassle. It's true what they say..having sex more makes you want it more. So I would suggest talking to your doctor and set a goal to do it a few times a week...force yourself, and soon you won't have to force yourself anymore.