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Re: Brother with Down Syndrome


I applaud your post, I feel the same way as you do although I'm not quite that forward about my feelings and I do try to keep an open mind on things, rather than blame individuals directly. It seems that those who question soft markers and newborns who may have DS on the board are quite uninformed about Down syndrome in general, let alone know anyone who has it. So, they are scared, and want answers. I believe that society is to blame when it comes to people in general thinking that those with DS are stuck in a hospital or group home. It's this ignorance in society that's to blame, therefore it's up to us, who know better, to get the word out about how beneficial these people are to our society, and to promote public awareness. The real disability isn't Down syndrome, the real disability is Ignorance.

Let's all get on the bandwagon and promote these wonderful people, because perfection is not always such a "good thing". I'd take my child w/ DS over any "perfect" person any day.

Also, I'm passionately against the new nuchal fold testing that's being talked about so much in the news today. Is this what scientists are spending their research money on? To give women a choice of whether they'll know they have a "perfect" baby or not? How about flooding that money into the finding out the causes of Down syndrome and new treatments? How about the idea of a cure instead of promoting the weeding out of imperfect people?
Are scientists that inhumane?

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