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could you die?

I don't know if this question will hurt or offend anyone but I was wondering if lupus got very severe if you could die from it? From what little I have read it's possible for the diease to attack your organs so I imagine yes it can. I'm asking because my Aunt has this diease and cemotharepy is no longer working for her. She's had been on it for two years and about a month ago was taken off it because she's built an immunity to it. Other medications that's out there don't work, she's tried those before going to the cemo. From what I hear their are other things coming out to try to help people with lupus but she doesn't want to be a guinea pig. And to vent alittle about it, I think she's a bit selffish because she has 5 kids and a grandchild but she hasn't had the best life. She's been through alot with her being 38 I believe, too much. With her life being as hard as it has been, I understand. She said she's going to let God do the rest of the work. Let's see what he brings her...thank you for anyone who's read this..

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