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Re: pregnancy with sperm donor anyone???

Yes...My husband and I conceived using donor sperm. We were in the same situation. DH has a good count, poor morphology/motility for unknown reasons with a good count. We did 7 IUI's total, the last 2 w/ a donor. The last IUI worked. We just could not afford IVF w/ ICSI as a "chance". DH is fine with it most of the time. He has had a couple of breakdowns about it, not regarding the baby so much, but just because he feels like less of a man because of it. He says he wishes we could have conceived together. I do too. I tell him that we did conceive together, we went through the process together, cried together during our BFN's, and went through all of the emotions. We just used someone else's little We went through a few cryobanks and narrowed down the list together....make sure he is involved. They tell you just about all of the basic information you could want to know. Physical characteristics, emotional characteristics, likes, dislikes, blood type, hobbies, etc. You choose the donor.

Now, as far as telling people......


We have no plan to tell anyone, including the baby. This is our child. We do have an extensive physical history regarding the donor. This is our personal choice. I don't think I want to go any further in detail into that, as I know this could turn into a very ugly discussion.

I hope this helps you....for us, it was a feasible option and we could never thank the donor enough for what he has helped us achieve.