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Re: pregnancy with sperm donor anyone???

My hubby and I had to use a donor to conceive. My clinic made us use IUI to get pregnant which is very easy and inexpensive. Each time its cost about 250 for the procedure. You just have to use the ovulation tests to make sure you are ovulating and then you go in and it takes about 20 minutes or so. Honestly for us the hard part was picking a donor. You can have the company compare pics with your husband to find a close match but we did not do that. My first daughter(from my first marriage) looked exactly like me and we had found one that we liked from his profile(we always looked at pics last) and he ended up looking like my brother when he was a little boy. So we figured in the end our little guy would probably just take after me again. Basically for us it came down to personality and the answers to questions on his profile. Our second time we got pregnant through the procedure and boy was my hubby happy. I think I have more issues that its a donor than he does. I would consider seeing a therapist just to get things talked over about will you tell people and will you tell the child when he is older. How does he truly feel about using a donor, does it make him feel like less of a man because he cant do it himself, my hubby had a few of those issues but now he is fine with it. He knows the only way we can have a baby that is biologically his is through IVF and we cant afford it right now. We may try in the future and we may not, who knows.
He seems to be doing really well with it, he is just happy to be having a baby and he knows whether or not the DNA is his that its his child to nurture and take care of. I have only told a very close family member and my father. Just because I needed to talk about it other than with my hubby and that helped, but if you do just make sure if your not going to tell anyone else they will keep it to themselves. Honestly we have not decided on whether or not we will tell him when he is older, I guess time will tell. Its a personal decision for the couple involved.Right now we are in the mindset that we will not tell him. Can I ask what is your husbands infertility problem keeping him from getting you pregnant?

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