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Re: could you die?

i was actually sad to read your post.
i am 32, have been dealt my fair share too. i also at times feel like throwing in the towel, but to read a family members outside view..well, i guess we are being selfish.

yes, lupus can kill us. i have the clotting antibodies and have recurrant clots/strokes even on blood thinners. i am taking the mildest form of immune suppression for my kidneys (cellcept) yet they still dont function 100%. nothing is guarenteed with this disease. we all know what our tolerance is.
it is more of a dibilitating disease. most people with lupus die of infection. it is usually because of the chemo meds.

i do hope your aunt changes her mind. she has her children and a grandchild. even with no children, i fight foward. the battle is endless.
good luck.