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Re: could you die?

Ali I didn't want you to feel bad. Saying I thought she was a bit selfish. I'm behind her all the way. She is going to take medications if she needs to and she's having a petscan I believe it's called, to see if and how much damaged has come to her organs. I was saying abit selfish because one of her children aren't old enough yet to decide on her life. Well she will be soon, she's 16. Where they'll live if things go bad. I apologize to you and anyone else who I made feel some negitive feelings about what I had to say. I'm sorry, I really am. I just love her so much and see and hear how bad her health is. My sister said she always looks tired. But if I had something like that, wrong with my health and did everything I felt I needed to do and nothing worked, I believe I would do the same. I'm sure she's not giving up completly, just on treatment.