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Re: Info Status Thread?

Hi fotomom
Sorry havent done this yet dont often come up to the top level

Based in UK
Im 39
16 stone,
Shoulder length brown hair.

The clan consists of..

1 cat Smudge
I son Mr namless of 23yrs
My mum of 74.

Not lyme diagnosed but you dont need to be a genius, just wiser than a Most Qualified Docs

Symptom list to follow soon.

I realised a problem as afetr 3 years of struggle i actually gave up and no energy living on my settee as you do when lymie.

any way i was given lithium as im mentally deranged all in the head syndrome.

I was allergic to the lithjium and nearly died, while doctors stood by saying thats all in your head also.

anyway, i was so ill with the Lithium that Lyme ran riot, it was the only time i had had all symptoms together at once.
with that info gathered together i found Lyme!

I have been asking for help from doctors since 1991 and was shoved off to phyciatrists and phycologists and physios. So after being ignored i gave up and lived with it all not sure it was all lyme but ive never felt right.

I had a bite in 2001 that increased my vertigo and lymph swelling, and fever.
And in Spain 2002 i had teh only viable bite, shin pain all symptoms and i was collapsing.
Since then life was down hill.

I am now left with an allergy to certain meds, antiphycotic meds, manic meds
and any thing with E171 in it and possibly its nieghbour.

im waiting on igenex test with a doctor in Wales UK.

Thanks for reading
jules xx

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