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Re: coughing up cold & blood?

It sounds like you have been sick for a long time. I've been sick now for 23 days. As with you, I think it started out with a stomach virus, becuase I was in the bathroom all night long on Dec 28th. And I too started feeling better slowly, after about 3-4 days regaining my health, and stamina. But after that the fatigue stayed, along with headaches, and general achey feeling. I dont know how bad you feel. But you should definately take it really easy, especially since you are coughing up blood. I would go to a different doctor too and see what he says. Try some homeopathic remedies.
I'm not sure what I got, but it was/is a nasty virus(i think). Also, it is possible that you or I have more than one infection going on at one time.
Hope you get to feeling better.

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