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Re: any dog owners out there

I'm dog owner and trainer!!

The reason it's not going to work out is because you've already decided it won't. You've sealed this dogs fate, basically. She's a puppy, and is acting like one. This is a classic case of the dog walking all over the owners. Take a deep breath, it is VERY fixable!

Taking her to classes is simply not enough, not in this situation. You need to WORK HARD at getting her to listen. It's all about life style.

A few things I suggest you "google" and read up on that WILL make the difference for this dog...

- Crate training. This dogs needs to have a safe place where it can go as a "time out". And as a new mother, you'll enjoy having a place you can safely put the dog where it can't get into trouble. It will help enforce you as pack leader, which in turn will help with jumping, nipping, and other indicators that this dog is walking all over you.

- "ALPA" training or "NILF" training. Alpha training is an adaption of how wild dogs live. You'll essentially be placing yourself as the pack leader and instructing the dog to follow through natural methods - body language, feeding practices, tone of voice, etc. NILF stands for "nothing in life is free", and there has never been a better acronym in the dog world. NOTHING should be free to dogs. Not even a scratch on the head, and this is something you have to start RIGHT AWAY.

And lastly, I would encourage you to see a trainer one-on-one. Even just once to get you started in the right direction.

In the mean time, here are a few things you can do.

- Do not allow the dog on the furniture. You must be seen from above. Allowing the dog to become closer to eye level when it already disobeys you is only perpetuating the behavior problems.

- Do not pet or acknowledge the dog (not even eye contact) when it misbehaves. Ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. If the dog jumps on you, IGNORE it, turn your back, and walk away. If you are going to speak, it should be to distract the dog into doing something different, like "sit" or "down". Even negative behavior is a stimulant for some dogs.

- Snap a leash onto this dog and make her wear it ALL THE TIME (as long as you are supervising). When she jumps on strangers, stand on it! Put your foot near the buckle and pull her to the floor, and give a stern "DOWN". When she has settled, allow her to come up, but repeat it again if she jumps.

- Always, always, always reward good behavior. Set her up to succeed, not fail. Ask her to do things you KNOW she can do, however simple (even just a sit), and then reward like crazy. Right now she is acting out to get attention, even if it's negative. You want to switch her motivator from seeking any attention, to wanting to please. By ALWAYS rewarding her for something she'll soon learn that certain behaviors get her treats, or scratches, or time to play with her favorite toy.

Good luck!