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Re: any dog owners out there

Originally Posted by Valerie_s
I dont htink that the mix breed you have is a good idea to have around kids..there is alot of info online about what does to have or not to have with children
I couldn't disagree more. Pit Bulls make excellent family pets, and are wonderful with children. They are dog-dog aggressive, as they have been bred to fight, and not all dogs have had this bred out of them. But pit bulls were bred to be mindful of their owners who are able to walk into a fighting pit and pull them apart without injury.

ANY dog, even a pitt bull, needs to be properly socialized and trained. Failing to do this will result in an animal that is not compatible with certain living arrangements, including families with kids. But do not be mistaken, with the right handling, your children will have a companion for the duration of the dogs life in a Pitt.