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Re: Dropping already at 30wks???

I don't feel anything uncomfortable yet. Of course, he is still only about 3 pounds. I have been carrying him really low through the whole pregnancy and I can tell he is positioned lower. It doesn't "look" like he has dropped though. I compared my belly pictures and I don't look any lower. Although, he is still pretty small so maybe that is why I wouldn't look lower? He changed positions a great deal on Friday, and then I felt a lot of stretching sensations way down low, and now I am feeling him move way way down low.

How did you find out that your son has already dropped? Did your Dr tell you? I don't see my midwife again for another week and a half. I saw her on Friday but of course he didn't change position until after the appointment. But I have a 3D/4D u/s on Wednesday so I should be able to see how he is positioned then. Of course if he has dropped then the u/s will probably be a bust-but this is just a free follow up 3D/4D since his position wasn't totally ideal last week for it, but we still got some good pics. I will be glad to know how he is positioned come Wednesday!