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Re: Wind sound in ears....

Hi Lauren,

I can tell you that I posted an inspirational story not too long ago on the boards and the lady that had the tinnitus that went away in my story; she said her's sounded like wind blowing a hundred miles an hour. To make the long story short, her's went away at the 6th month mark so hang in there. I don't think there is anyone else on this board that has complained about tinnitus as much as I have. I really know how bothersome it is. I think I have cried more over the noise than the headaches, pressure or dizziness.

As Lizzy said, one by one her symptoms went away and a little over a year into this I can honestly say that is what I have noticed myself. I didn't really start to notice symptoms disappate until about the 9th month and then again in the 12th month my vision and dizziness improved. Now that is lingering is mostly headache, pressure, funky ears and the tinnitus. I do have this overall feeling of not something right and on occassion I still get mild dizziness and vision problems but they are not anywhere near as bothersome as prior to December.

Did I read that you were in your 6th month? Keep hanging in there. I know, believe me, I know how hard it is and how alone you feel, but we on this board are here and understand.

Take care and have a good night. - Gloria

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