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Re: Just Some Bad Moments

Emerald,everything you said had value. I know how lonely it can be without friends,good neighbors,& a car! How about taking a cab? Why arent you on meds at this time? I don't know your income,but if your at poverty level try calling around to see if you can use the mental health clinic in your area. Then you can get some help from a Pdoc and some meds,along with therapy.
You shouldn't have to be stuck like you are. I really feel for you because i was were you are 7 years ago. You sound really depressed.Please look in your phone book and call a mental health clinic,if you don't want to go to the hospital. If things get to bad for you, you can go to the ER,they have to medicate you,maybe even hook you up to a clinic,if you ask. Well if no one cares about you and you have no friends,you just made a friend here Let me know how it goes,please get some help.