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panic and viral labyrinthitis

sorry this is a little long , but you may be able to help myself oranyone else who is suffering with this. Iíve been sick for little more than three weeks. It all started when I was working out at the gym and i felt like my heart was racing really fast and I felt faint. So my doctor who happened to be there helped me out and relaxed me. I had been working out for months and never had that feeling. The rest of the weekend I felt funny and a little weak and that Saturday night i felt light headed, dizzy and I panicked and my mother called an ambulence. All my vital signs were normal but i was shaking and my heart felt like i was racing. They drew blood which came back normal took an exray of my heart and lungs which come back normal. So that night they released me saying that I probably have a virus. the next two weeks on and off i had symptoms of nausea, dizzyness,panic,anxiey,cold chills, shaking,heavy breathing and feeling week. And every other day i would go to my doctor and he would draw blood and it would come back normal. The second week of this my ears and head started feeling strange. My docter recommended that i see an ENT(ear nose and throat) docter. The ENT saw no evidence of an ear infection but he said it sounds like viral labyrinthitis, which canít be tested for and canít be treated. This week i saw a neurologist and he said i might also have panic disorder and that he seeís no evidence of something serious. I'm taking an MRI on in a two days. My questions are: Has anyone struggled with this before? And If I do have viral labyrinthitis, is Panic disorder likely to follow?

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