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Re: panic and viral labyrinthitis

Hi Jor-rose
Glad that helped.
They are right to say that there are no tests for vestibular neuronitis as it is a virus.
Hopefully the problems you are having are caused by inflammation only and within about 6 weeks you will be feeling a lot better and have no further problems.

In about 40% of cases there is permanent damage and you would have longer term effects as a result. If there is permanent damage they can do some tests to try to assess the extent of the damage and which ear the damage happened in. These tests aren't always correct though, I have inner ear damage but the tests came back negative. The accuracy of the tests depends on the skill of the person doing the tests and the person analysing the results of the tests. So there isn't a lot they can do to diagnose this really.

If you do get permanent damage there is some treatment you can get too, which is really helpful - called VRT - vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Hopefully you won't require this though.

So hw long have you been suffering now and how do you feel now? Are you able to be quite active or are you feeling awful with even small amounts of activity?

Best wishes