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Re: Snakes & Epilepsy - Hallucinations Anyone?

Could be a form of seizure...if it's some sort of memory, remember that a child will remember things differently than an adult, so the "snakes" could be something like a jump rope, or something besides actual snakes (I struggle with some of this looking back at childhood stuff). I've also had reactions to medications where I've seen giant orange spiders- I knew they weren't real, but they still scared me- and I was feeling bad enough to almost call 911, but then what do I tell them- there's a giant orange spider in my room? I knew where that would land me-- after changing meds/doses, it hasn't happened again. As with childhood stuff, once I got it clear what happened (which may not be entirely possible depending on age), the memories stopped, and while I might think about stuff sometimes, it doesn't sneak up on me out of the blue.