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Re: Silver hair, silver's aging time for moi!

women that I used to work with would repeatedly tell me that if a person pulls out the grey or "silver" hair, that it will just grow back with a this an old wives tale, or is this true?

also, is it true if a woman were to pluck out the hair on her face, that the hair will grow back more coarser?

Last but not least, what foods will make your hair grow? I used to hear that Carrots worked...but, if anyone has any fantastic ideas....please send them this way!

I have silver hair in great looking streaks. Used to color my hair up until exactly 3 years ago. Yes that is an old wives tale...and why pull out your hair and torure yourself anyway?
Facial India here and in a lot of the eastern countries women pluck their facial hair, or use a method called threading...this is for the upper lip and stray hair around the eyebrows.... also if there is a hair or two on the chin. Over time the growth reduces to a minimum. Waxing legs, arms and underarms also leads to hair growth retardation in those areas. No, it does not grow back coarser as in the case of shaving.
I don't know about foods....