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stress and caffine can cause ulcers also acid reflux disease can cause ulcers and when your opening to your stomach and small intestines gets blocked it can cause a back up of acid in your stomach.i was hospitalized 2 months ago for bleeding ulcers ,erroded esophogus and and a narrowed esophogus and a high hernia my ulcers where not caused by hpylori but where my esophogus had closed off my food was being digested in my throat and not my stomach and my stomach was making twice the acid for food that wasnt comming down im still in bad shape because my stomach has almost shut down and my esophogus will probally need to be operated you dont have to have hpylori to have ulcers but aspirin and motrin does help in causing ulcers.i wish you the best i know im going to have to have another scope done in a few weeks but sometimes its better to be safe than sorry because i learned you can become critical from an ulcer bleeding in a drop of a hat.tmm35