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Re: It's that time again for me, too...kind of scared

I was 19 and when I had my first pap. It came back abnormal and I found out after further tests and a biopsy that I had advanced cervical dysplasia. I was 19 so i was completely freaked out. Most people don't go to the gyno for the first time and then find this out. Anyways I had all of the surgical procedures. i was a little uncomfortable for a week and then I went back every 3 months for a year for paps. Everything was fine. I am now on a yearly schedule and I have never had a problem. That was 10 years ago. Don't worry you will be ok. It is more common than you think you just don't hear other women talking about it. You will be alright. Just relax get plenty of rest and thank god it was caught in time. My Dr. said it could have been worse if I waited much longer. You will be fine.