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Re: polio plz help

Originally Posted by mkjain
i have polio in my left leg.
I can walk without chair but with calipper in that leg which is a suppot for checking the whoobling of knee.
I am recently going to be marrying and my wife is normal.
I am worried that we will also have child having polio.
Can anyone clearify my doubt
No, don't worry. If you had chickenpox when you were a child, your children will not be born with spots would they? Once you are over the polio virus that causes the body weaknesses, you have no way of passing it on to others.
I have been married for 35 years to a man that had polio when he was two. it left him with a brace on one leg and he has used crutches his whole life. We have three healthy smart sons (all grown up now). All are above average in intelligence and one of our sons ended up being 6 foot 5 inches.