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Re: Snakes & Epilepsy - Hallucinations Anyone?

Originally Posted by _lee_
as a child i would have seizures with a high temperature but i would also
have hallucinations about spiders when this happend it always started
from sleep

what i mean is the hallucinations would start while i was sleeping
even in sleep i new it was an hallucination and would be panicing
to wake up, i still remember the feeling now im 29 it was a feeling of fear/panic
and thats the best way i could discribe it (it was the most strange feeling)

when i awoke it would carry on untill i soaked my head with cold water
and cooled myself down then it would stop.

i was on phenobarb as child untill i was so sick from it my mum took me off it @ around age 9 ...i must have been on it about 3 years

after i was taken off it i never had a seizure again untill i was 15/16
but still had hallucinations with high temps

funny thing is around the time seizures started up again i stopped getting hallucinations from high temps ???

for the first time in years this week i have a real high temp due to a chest infection im not having hallucinations but i am having real strange thoughts
the other day i was convinced i had lung cancer i must strees i dont
i even went to hospital and made them xray my lungs

i know its my temp thats doing it cos after taking paracetamol
what brings my temp down the strange thoughts are gone.

untill i seen your posts ive never made any connection with my epilepsy hallucinations and strange thoughts ive been getting this week

but i think it could be possible as i have
generalized epilepsy where the whole of my brain is affected.

after writing all this im unsure if i wana post it but im going to anyway

Thanks, Lee for responding. It takes a lot to talk about these things, usually you just don't, right? You sound like you can still feel the panic of when the hallucination would hit you. I find it hard to put into words, and it all seems so bizarre to me, never mind another person who is trying to make sense of it all. Most people just don't have a clue, easier to just keep my thoughts (and talk of nightmares) to myself.

Do you remember being able to tell anyone else about the spider incidents when you were a kid? I mean, are you talking about it now for the first time, or did your family know about the hallucinations? I know you and I are not alone, I know of 2 other epileptics who have issues like this with snakes. I did not talk to my mom about it until I was in my 30s. But why spiders? Why snakes?

I am lucky enough to be medication-free right now. Time to maybe just go on with life, stop trying to understand everything, and be thankful. It could all be so different.

Thanks again for responding.