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looking for new llmd--help

i'm sorry i haven't posted recently but i've been terribly upset. i went to llmd and had a tiff with him and have decided not to go back. ya see, i had an allergic reaction to a med he gave me and he told me to take something as soon as i was in trouble. well i thought it was a herxheimer and didn't take the med for allergic reaction.

well when i went in, he became very agitated and stated he didn't know if he could continue treatment. he became very, well not abusive, but i don't know how to put this. he kept asking me if i understood english and told me my english and grammer were not very good and he kept saying about how i was not to make any decisions, he was the doctor, and then he'd ask me if my memory was ok, and then ask me if i understood him.

i left totally in tears, doubting my sanity and this whole dang lyme thing. i cried all afternoon. so get this. he told me he would not see me again until i could articulate the difference between a herx and an allergic reaction, gave him a listing of all my meds for the last ten years and my reaction to them. also he said i was to order an allergy bracelet and not to come back until i did these things.

i was floored. he said he would not give me any medication cause it was apparent i didn't understand how to take meds and i mean, he went on and on and on and on on............

anyway guys, i am very depressedl i mean, ok, i did something stupid, but don't beat a horse when it's down.

so am looking for a new doc in fort worth if anybody can suggest something.

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