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Re: looking for new llmd--help

Hi earle, I have been wondering about you and how things are going for you. I guess not so good, after reading your post. Many of us here have been subjected to patronizing doctors, you are not the only one, and I know it is a very bad experience that leaves you feeling angry and hurt. Sorry that happened to you.

I really believe that your doctor is afraid. After hearing about his past reaction to your husbands comments and now this, I think your doctor has some issues and maybe has been under attack in the past either with the medical board or other patients. He is worried you are going to come against him if a medication causes trouble for you and so he's acting like an idiot and treating you like a potential bomb waiting to go off. He needs to chill out.

I would look for a different doctor too, but don't let them tranfer your file. Have the file sent to you and then take out anything derogatory. Sometimes doctors like him write things in there like the patient is unstable or things like that and it sets the next doctor up. Then he treats you like a child too. It's a terrible circle once those files get started.

All this stems from ignorance about lyme. I swear they know so little about the enemy in our bodies. They pretend to know, but they don't.

Don't beat yourself up about the reaction to the meds. How could you know it was not a herx? You are just getting started with this thing and you did the best you could. Just put this experience behind you, learn from it and move forward. We are with you every step of the way.