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Started on plaquenil

Hi there. I just posted a couple weeks ago about my skin issues (lichen planopilaris). Turns out I have the body form too--lichen planus, all over my itchy back, and a little near my armpits and on the chest.

My rheumy yesterday said this is looking more like lupus, so I guess she's writing that on my paperwork now. She started me on plaquenil, 200mg bid.

Also I have to get a MRI of the head done, b/c I see spiders on the ceiling at (My hubby made me tell her that--he said it's an early sign of psychosis). I'm awake when I see them, usually have just awakened, and they look so real that no matter how many times this happens, I'm still fooled. I really don't think they're going to find anything on the MRI, but at least hopefully they will find a brain...

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