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Re: Help With Luvox! I was Prescribed Luvox and quit it after 2 days due to side effe

Is luvox giving you Weight Loss? I'm eating like crazy to prevent weight loss.

Is there a med to take to prevent diareah , urination that is unsual.

So far only benefits from luvox is increased libido, and sex drive. Where it was dead before.

It causes insomnia, so i take it in morning.

I know someone who said he lost 33lb on luvox in 1 month and also had diahearah 29 times in 1 single day before getting rushed to the hospital.

I hope the diahearah will stop !!!! Weight loss to stop!! i really hope so, because right now i cut the pill in half and its at 25mg, and im gonna stick with 25mg and see if after 1 week diahearh stops and insomnia. if it gets worse like this guy says, then i will quit it

and move to a weight gaining SSRI like paxil. I was told luvox made u gain weight, but it didnt.

I weight 192lb on 6'2 Frame , i get terrible fear of going under 190lb, i wanna go up to 210lb like i used to be.