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Unhappy Please help, problems with upper and lower back/sides.

Hey all.

I'm not sure where to begin this, so many little things clumped together and I want to cover as much of it as I can. I guess I'll start at the beginning with my upper back, or rather my sides around my upper back. They started hurting very badly for awhile after I did a lot of heavy lifting, but with some stretches I got them to calm down but they never fully healed. I saw a doctor and they weren't much help, telling me to just pop some pills and it'd be better in a few weeks. That wasn't the case. Though it continued to bother me it became tolerable until the past few months. I would do my stretches or lift heavy things and I would be fine until I laid down or sat. My right side near my upper back would get this horrible sore/sour sensation that wouldn't calm down for at least an hour. Ontop of that, the front of my waist around my groin would be very painful and sore, and this started about two months ago. The left side is especially bad at times, feeling like the muscle is clamped in a vice or something.

After the sore/sourness would go away I'd keep getting cramps around my midsection and sides, and when I laid down I would still feel pressure and my muscles would have this odd gurgling sensation along with the sour feeling sometimes. I thought for awhile it might have to do with my intestines but eating doesn't have any affect on it at all, and the areas that are affected seem a bit out of the way for that.

I saw a doctor again, and she thought this might all be due to IBS, and told me to exercise and take walks. But it's so hard to do that, because doing streches just aggravates it all the time and when I walk it always feel so sour and 'springy' at times, like the muscles are being stretched taught and won't loosen. My sides are what's bothering me most right now, I'm so scared sometimes and I've been getting very depressed and stressed out over it. I don't know what to do, most people around me just brush it off as me making it up or they won't take it seriously. I don't have any health insurance so it's very hard to afford to see doctors all the time, and I'm out of work which doesn't help. Even if I had a job I'm not sure I could do it, I can barely stand for long without my upper back starting to hurt and the sour sensation just becoming to much to handle.

...does anyone know what this might be, is it really serious? I just don't know what to do, this has been going off and on for the past six months and it only seems to be getting worse, and all the stress doesn't help.

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