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Question Possible Diabetes...What tests should I ask for?

Hello. I am new here and I may be new to diabetes. We shall see. I have quite a few symptoms that I believe are very likely diabetes. Although I'm only 29, I'm overweight (Eating disorder most my life), female and type 2 runs in my family. Keep in mind I have hypothyroidism since I was about 20, too. (My grandmother has had it since she was in her 20s as well. She didn't have a weight problem then and I don't blame my thyroid for my weight.) But I am on unithroid for the hypothyroidism. I'm getting ready tomorrow to get a prescription for a blood test for the thyroid again to make sure that is running well these days. I don't know if it has contributed to some of my symptoms here or not, if I need a higher dose.

But, I have had extreme thirst, like outrageous thirst. Non-stop dry mouth and needing to drink and drink even wake up to drink (Water mostly). And it never goes away! Of course I do go to the bathroom a lot, but I assume that's from all the excess drinking. My skin is very dry, I have dry patches on it and small sores and cuts that don't heal fast at all. My vision isn't the best, but it never was, so...Can't say that's a symptom really. But I've had tingling in my feet, esp. my toes, which doesn't bode well. The circulation there doesn't seem too great. I'm probably even forgetting some symptoms right now.

When I go to get the prescription for the thyroid test (Which I have to go take somewhere else, another day), I was going to ask for a prescription for a diabetes test, too. First, can I have both of those done the same day? And since I keep hearing about different tests to determine if someone has diabetes or not and that it's hard to get it diagnosed, I want to be sure I ask for the right thing or things. I am going tomorrow morning so I really need this information as soon as possible. What should I ask for?

My intentions are once the tests are done, to get them to the doctor and myself, and go from there. Find out if it is diabetes (And I really fear it is.) and what steps to take from there. If anyone can tell me what I should to, please let me know. Thank you!


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