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Unhappy Re: Possible Diabetes...What tests should I ask for?

Originally Posted by desertdiabetic
What they do is run a standard blood panel(my words). You will be told to fast the night before to get a fasting blood glucose level. They will also run tests for cholesterol, triglyercides and other kidney and liver function tests. They will also run an A1c test to see what your blood glucose average has been for the last 90 to 120 days. Other problems can make your A1c come back high, but mixed with the other results, especially the fasting blood glucose test will tell them(and you) if you are pre-diabetc or diabetic. Get your blood test results for yourself.

You do use the bathroom a lot more depending on what you drink, that is true. Diabetes does cause that also, it is part of the process that diabetes causes.

When you get the results back post them so we can explain what you don't understand(someone here knows something about everything)
Hi. Thanks for the response. My problem is I didn't explain in great detail my situation. I'm not going to a regular doctor in the morning. My psychiatrist is who I will be seeing and I doubt he would know what all tests to send me for, for something like that. But he has and will send me for thyroid tests which the results are sent to him, but also given to my regular doctor. But we moved and although I have kept the same psych. I don't have a regular doctor yet. I have limited transportation and am on medicaid so I doubt they would be so thorough with testing me anyway. What I need, because I can't have people running me all over the place, is what I should tell my psych as far as writing me a prescription for diabetes testing so that (He will get the results, but I'm pretty sure those are useless for him) I can have them ready to send to a new doctor once I've found one and made an appointment in this area. I can't have someone running me tomorrow to there, then for that thyroid test, then to a doctor who will send me for more blood tests, which means another trip, then back to the doctor. What I'm hoping to do is get the prescriptions for tests I might need from the psych tomorrow (If this is possible), go get all of the work done another day, but all in one day, and then have the results ready or sent to my new doctor so when I go in he/she can help me from there. I hope I'm making sense here. It's just very difficult and I don't think I can get to all of these places I need to go (I don't drive or have a car). Please let me know what you think. If there is/are specific tests I should ask my psych to send me for. He will most likely do it as he has for my thyroid, but I don't know what test(s) to tell him. Thanks.