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Re: thyroid adrenal?

The "adrenal fatigue" syndrome is a nondistinct syndrome developed in the 80s or 90s to explain people who always "feel bad" but have no evidence of hormonal imbalance.
I would have worded that differently.... "but the particular cortisol tests used in these cases, fail to detect a hormonal imbalance."

This may simply be a self-confirming disbelief. Many Doctors, unfamiliar with this disorder, generally use a one-time serum draw, or a 24 hr. urine collection to test cortisol levels. It is not uncommon for someone with Adrenal Exhaustion to have near normal levels at certain points in the circadian rhythm, and very low levels, the rest of the day.

The above tests are not adequate to detect adrenal exhaustion.

If you tested me first thing in the morning, for example, I would appear somewhat normal. Any maybe the same at midnight. A 24 hour collection would average out to only being somewhat low. However, during most of the day, I have almost no cortisol at all.

So, we have differing views. But let's say for the moment that we can agree that, the tests are in fact showing something is not right with the cortisol supply...

What would you think would be the course of action? Is a small dose of Cortef, for example any possible value here?
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