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Re: thyroid adrenal?

One of the problems with the "adrenal fatigue" syndrome was that it was developed and popularized by Dr. E. Denis Wilson of Florida, the author of the "Wilson's Syndrome" undiagnosable (by all normally accepted tests) hypothyroidism theory. Please realize that Dr. Wilson's medical license was suspended by the state for malpractice. He refused to complete the mandated training required for reinstatement and instead turned to "education."

The way I look at it is that if you show no abnormalities on any of the tests of adrenal functions (ATCH stim, cortisol level, serum electrolytes, plasma renin level, etc.) than it is hard to prove there is a problem in the adrenals. If you have autoreactive antibodies it is possible to look at subclinical Addison's but absence the antibodies, or an adenoma or pituitary problem I would find it hard to make a case for a problem in the adrenal.

I would never take additional hormones simply because think you need them... you in effect are causing a hormone imbalance by your own actions.