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Re: Possible Diabetes...What tests should I ask for?

Originally Posted by fishdude
You can ask your psych doc to order the lab work, or maybe he has someone there that can take your blood and urine samples as my medical clinic did. They will want to test for fasting glucose levels, lipid profiles, kidney function, liver function, hepatitus, Hemoglobin A1C, etc... Go to the appointment fasting (nothing but black coffee, water 10 hours before test) so you can get whatever tests are needed. I believe any Doctor can order lab work. He/she may want to refer you to an MD or other Doctor to interpret the results as your psych Doc is not in the diabetes business. You really do need a medical Doctor involved in this process, even if it is not who you ultimately select for your primary care physician. Surf the web tonight to help you pick a regular Doctor that accepts medicaid "on the fly." You can always switch to another one later.
Okay. No, I don't believe my psych's office does lab work, but I'm going to ask him to order some lab work done. I can get to a hospital or some other place to have the lab work done if need be, which probably will be the case. Though I doubt I'll get that done tomorrow, too. I will find a regular MD who accepts medicaid so that I can have the results sent to them as well and go to them for follow up, not my psych. I know he's not the right one for actually dealing with the results. I may not even be able to get him to order the lab work if he says to go to a regular MD first, but it's just a shot at hoping to make things easier for those I have to rely on for help. Thank you very much for the information and advice! It's very appreciated!