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Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

I am So excited...I have been feeling great for a whole month! Wow! I began Plaquenil back in Dec. and at about the 6 week mark I started to get some energy back...I thought it might be all in my head...But I still feel great. I even have some of my appetite back too(to which my vanity is not so thrilled...groan)I thank God for allowing me this time to feel well! I am in this weird state of mind now though, questioning...maybe I never had symptoms....I feel too good...maybe it was all in my head...Do any of you go through that when you are feeling well. I know logically,that yes, I REALLY was incapsitated(sp?) many days out of the month and REALLY could not function. But now I am in this elated dream world of feeling SO good...I want to be in denial that it really still lurks behind the medication. I find my self tempted to think I can go off my meds and I will feel fine(though I know better, and won't do that...) But I just wanted to try to explain the weird thoughts that go through my head and wonder if anyone else goes though this too??? Well, I have nothing to complain about...I think I'll go clean my house or something...since I can! Junebug

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