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Re: Panic Attacks due to Phobias, not Panic Disorder?

I think this was one of my first posts ever on here, so yeah, this was quite awhile ago! lol! I switched to Prozac after being on 250 mg of Zoloft this past fall. Also, I started on 100 mg of Lamictal, a mood stabilizer, because both my psychiatrist, PCP, and I suspect possible cyclothymia. Whether or not I have cyclothymia, the Lamictal really works for my mood swings- they might be related to my mild Asperger's, though, too. The psychiatrist here at my college also gave me Klonopin; I have 0.5 mg for extremely bad days- I used to take it everyday, but I couldn't stay awake. I have 0.125 mg to take daily, but I don't take it a lot either unless absolutely necessary because it, too, makes me sooo tired, in addition to the Prozac and Lamictal, which also cause fatigue. However, the Klonopin has proven to be a Godsend. I was prescribed it only three weeks before I had to go to the dentist in October, and I used it for the first time, and it was wonderful! I went from being barely able to function in the waiting room to just having a normal, everyday panic attack. Next time I go, I'm taking two 0.5 mg, but at any rate, the Klonopin has been the only thing in all of my 18 years that has gotten rid of panic attacks. I'm also currently in CBT for my OCD, and it seems to be helping me. Thanks for all the concern and responses! God bless!
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