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Leaking...incontinence or not???

Sorry for tmi but I've put up with this off and on for a little while now and decided to see what everyone thinks.
For the last month or more I have had to wear a pad as I have had some incontinence...never much, a pantyliner does just fine and often is just precautionary. This is my second baby and I had problems with things like running, sneezing and prolonged coughing ever since ds was born 3 years ago.
Anyway, sometimes my pad has a colour tinge it that isn't normal for urine I don't is pinky brown. The odour is usually just similar to urine or usual vaginal discharge smell. I have urinanalysis strips at home (long story as to why I have them but they come in handy once in a while) and they come up normal for any leukolytes etc so I know it is not an infection in my bladder.
I am thinking it is just the contact of air with the urine or maybe the warmth of my body. I never have a lot of wetness, the pad is never really wet and doesn't need changed very often.
Any thoughts on this?

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