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Re: sick from aspartime?

This is for anyone with addiction and craving problems. Yerba Mate tea is supposed to be great for stopping cravings from the very first cup taken. I've been reading about it and it seems like every second story I see from testimonials states that it cured their years of addiction to coffee, softdrinks and junk food. Although the tea contains natural caffeine it doesn't make you hyper. It supplies more wake up energy than coffee without the jitters. Makes you calm but exhilarated at the same time. These testimonials say they didn't have any withdrawal at all and literally never felt compelled to drink coffee again or diet soda. I just tried it for the first time today. I'm very caffeine sensitive, can't drink coffee or coke at all, and this tea did not make me shaky. It acted like a gentle laxative 2 hours later. I don't feel the "good energy" yet, but my mind is not jumping with multiple thoughts anymore. So it does do something good for me, and that's just my first cup.

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