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Re: Please help, problems with upper and lower back/sides.

Orc ,
Hey guy, hope this finds you doing better. It sounds like you have strained your muscles by the heavy lifting and you might even have some mild herniation. I know that in the past I would get muscle spasms when I sat or laid down at night after work. Sometimes it would hurt so bad I would be in tears. Living alone I didn't have anyone to help me by giving a massage or anything. And I went to a few different doctors and got the proverbial run-around. I started getting depressed too because I thought no one was listening to a very valid complaint I had about my body. Only through persistance did I find a Dr. who listened and did the tests that were necessary. At first it was just muscle spasms and there were things I could do at home to help myself as well as taking the meds prescribed for me. I did have IBS during that period and developed a severe case of Reflux/GERD that I am on medicine for life for it now. The gurgling and the area it's in does sound like what I experienced and it was IBS. The muscle soreness... that could easily be overexertion. Take it easy for a few days or whatever time you get free. Maybe try some aleve or advil to see if it helps. Take some hot baths/showers and let the water relax you. If you feel the need to stretch then do it lightly. I was younger and in better shape when I had similar symptoms to what you are describing. Had a habit of overstretching and that led to me compounding my pain and discomfort. Please understand Orc that I am not a doctor and can't diagnose you, besides it's against the posting rules to even try. I'm just sharing my experiences with you so that you might be able to identify with them and try some of the things that worked for me. If I were you though I would definitely back off of the heavy lifting and try every option available to you OTC and at-home remedies so when you do go to see a doctor you can tell him/her what you have tried and what has helped and what hasn't. And when you see him/her be sure to talk with them, not at them or to them. And don't be defensive if they don't give you satisfactory answers. Be polite and tell them you'd like to get another opinion. Above all take care of yourself. No one knows your pain and discomfort better than you.
Not having insurance is a major obstacle for you. If indeed you are experiencing a level of unbearable pain you always have the option of going to the ER at the Hosp. near you. There are still hospitals that have state or internal programs in place to help people who don't have the ability to pay.
All in all you may in fact have a serious back condition that might require a doctor supervised regimen or even surgery. No one here can tell you that you do or don't based on any info you post here, only a doctor can. We can only offer suggestions and our opinions based on our experience, and you have to remember that our experience is not your experience. To wit, I had disc replacement for my condition and someone else could have the same or like symptoms as me and have a totally different diagnosis. Please understand that I say these things to help you not to belittle or talk down to you in any way. On the contrary, I empathize with your predicament, I only wish I could do more.
The one thing I would stress to you is that if you are thinking suicidal thoughts and think there might be a potential that you would carry that out... GET HELP immediately!!! Call 9-1-1 or your local Crisis and Intervention center.
Orc, I wish for you only the best of outcomes and you'll find that there are others here who would wish for you nothing less. Don't get discouraged if no one replies to your post, I have my first post on here still unanswered. What I did is start reading other posts to see if I could gleen any useful info and ended up finding what I was looking for in my first post. Be diligent, patience an persistance.
My best to you and keep us informed on how you're doing.

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