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Re: thyroid adrenal?


I dont have problems with exercise, l go lifting everynight and seem to do okay most of the time, l do have extreme fatigue during the day and then feel better at night.
I dont know where my problems are coming from. I know that elevated TSH can cause cortisol levels to go down. I have posted with you on the Thyroid board, so l am still trying to figure out whats going on, is it my Thyroid, Adrenal or somethng else. My problem is l was put on Cortef and Florinef and l got worse, all my symptoms got 10x worse. I then tried Synthroid and LEvoxyl and the same thing happened. So what traditionally is done to fix adrenal and thyroid problems makes we wig out. Why this is l have no idea, l took synthroid for 6 months back 8 years ago and had no problems.
Anyway let me know what you think, do you have thyroid labs that you can post, have you had all your adrenal tests done. Personally l believe in the saliva tests more than the blood and urine tests but most doctors would not agree with me, but what do they know anyway is what l am finding out.
I would have your morning cotisol tested with DHEA, saliva test taken 4 times during the day. I would also have your IGF-1, LH, Renin, Aldosterone and Testosterone/Estrogen and Prolactin all tested to see if you can find anything abnormal.
The funny thing is the Thyroid can make some of these tests elevated like prolactin which can decrease testoserone levels, also thyroid can decrease cortisol.
What are your symptoms, keep me posted on what happens.