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Am I Overly Concerned? Please Help

Hello everyone. I'm sure that I'm over reacting, but my grandmotherly intuition has me a little bit worried and I've been lurking in this site for a month or so. My daughter has a beautiful baby girl, 5 months old, who was born with no complications. She has had no developmental delays that I can see and the doctor has not commented on anything that seems to be wrong. However, the baby has had a protruding tongue since birth and as she's gotten older the problem has become very pronounced. She continually thrusts her tongue out and even when resting, napping, her tongue is out of her mouth to some extent. I mentioned to my daughter that she should ask her pediatrician if this was normal. She did ask him and he said, "She is probably teething or just experimenting with her tongue." I don't buy that. Can she be teething since birth? So finally, after doing some research, I saw that in some children, tongue thrusting can be one of the only outwardly symptoms of Downs. I spoke to my daughter again and she called her pediatrician yesterday. He wants her to bring the baby in next week for some testing or an exam. The only other thing that I see is that she seems to have a "flat" head when looking at her from the side. And one last thing, her fingers are always apart at funny angles. Please don't think I'm being a crazy grandma, I just want to know what any of you think. Could these things be a sign of DS? Thanks for any help you can give me. Also, what kinds of things would the doctor be looking for on the exam?

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