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Re: TT on 2/16/06 - Low Calcium/Pap. Cancer - RAI in April ?

Uh oh - I'm confused. What connection to breast cancer???

And, welcome. I am sorry you had such a difficult week. That's not usually the way it goes as I am sure you know. I do know that you're not supposed to drive until you can move your neck side to side easily. It took me almost 3 weeks but everyone's different. You have to be able to look for traffic etc. I'm sure that's what they're talking about as far as not driving.

I don't know anything about the parathyroids except that I do know it's another real problem when they're involved. Others here can address that.

You won't die off the Synthroid for 5 weeks but you'll probably get really hypo which is awful of course.

Yes, I had earaches before. Actually they still hurt. No probs with the lymphs under the arms etc luckily. And yes I do know that especially with papillary cancer since it spreads to the lymph nodes that going back if for surgery happens. Sometimes you have to have what's called neck dissection. They do one side then 3-4 months later the other. I don't think that's a fun thing.
Yes, I've had the chest pressure and heart palpitations. Many here have and I think that's part of Hashimoto's but others may correct me.

I don't trust the biopsies either. I agree about them missing things. I had a biopsy initially which by the way hurt like hell and I wish I would have know it was going to hurt that badly for 24 hours AFTERWARD. Then the pathology after the surgery took a week because it's much more thorough I guess. That's when they found the cancer. The initial biopsy result was follicular neoplasm which means "take it out and do a week's worth of pathology". Then it wasn't follicular cancer but papillary. It's all confusing to me. And my nodule was "supposedly" just a follicular adenoma. The cancer was in the other thyroid tissue. However my nodule was over 4 cm and I swear I could see it grow in the mirror!!

I wasn't much help. I'm sorry. Most everyone else here knows much more than I do. Welcome again and best of luck. Stay here because people here really do help.