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Re: Am I Overly Concerned? Please Help

There is more than one type of down syndrome... the rarest form is called "Mosaic Down Syndrome"... children with this type of downs may have fewer features of typical down's, due to the nature of it. What it means is, some of the cells in the body are the normal, 46 chromosome cells....but some of the cells have the 47 chromosome cells, with the trisomy 21. This can be in any ratio... a child could have only 5%, or 10% affected cells.... or could have 90% or 95%.....or anything in between!!
My son was tested as having 50% of his cells affected. He has mild DS traits... many strangers who see him don't pinpoint it as Down Syndrome... No doctors recognized it when he was a baby (and he was hospitalized for 3 surgeries, so he saw LOTS of doctors and nurses) and even a geneticist, when looking at his baby pictures said she would not have recognized it. At 16 mos, he was basically diagnosed by "accident"...although, I'd been asking his doctor month after month, what was wrong with my son!

PERHAPS you're reaching...and that's ok, because, thats how we sometimes do get these diagnoses... maybe she just has some weak muscle tone... but, most people don't know Mosaic Down Syndrome even exists, and I'm POSITIVE, there are countless numbers of people undiagnosed... so, I just thought I'd share my info with you!

Please, let us know how things go for your grandbaby!!