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Post feeling of something stuck in throat after eating

This is my first time on- About 4 months ago I started taking some antibiotics and I noticed that I developed a pain in my chest(breast bone) and something stuck in my throat. I went to an ENT and he put me on nexium. It took care of it and it went away in a couple of weeks.

Well it's back and it's been a week and I took nexium a couple of days and still having same symptoms. Stopped taking nexium, pain went away behind chest, but the thing stuck in my throat hasn't- it only happens about an hour after eating. I went back to the ENT and he basically charged me $165.00 and told me if I wanted to I could go to a gast.

TO add to this I was at one time bulimic- which scares me. I had a friend die of esophagus cancer- so you can imagine what's going through my mind. If I had cancer the last time I had these symptons (4months ago) it wouldn't have gotten better, right?

I'm hoping someone else has had some symptons that I have an can at least put my mind at ease. I have an appt. in a week with a gast.. I have never ever had this until 4 months ago, and my age is 37

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