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Bkourik yes in the beginning for alot of ppl it can be and off and on thing.Then it usually progresses to and everyday occurence.Gerd can present alot of different symptoms .Some have many and some have very few.I would give the nexium another couple of weeks.If it doesnt work they may need to switch you around on different meds till they find the right one for you.Alot of us on these boards have been thru a broad spectrum of meds.Please dont worry.Also just because your thinking bout getting pregnant its not a given that the symptoms will get worse.Matter fact when i had my last son 4 yrs ago i only took over the counter antacid called gaviscon ,it worked fine for me.The something stuck in your throat could be a symptom of gerd it is for alot of ppl.The pain under the breastbone if its like a gnawing sometimes sore pain can be an indication of an h.pylori infection or some ppl have this pain with there gerd symptoms.
What tests have you had done ?