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Thank you for your response. Well the pain in my chest has been gone for about a week. When at my ENT he did a throat swab, due to my child having strep every month, it came Weds. I don't have strep, but a bacteria infection called Haemophilus Influenaza-not HIB. Doctor said it's very common. Anyway, while talking with the nurse she said it could take up to a week on nexium before feeling relief, is this true? The only sympton I have at this point is the feeling of something stuck in my throat- it is so frustrating. I put off my appt. with the GI until the 4th to see if the symptons get better, because I'm also on antibiotics.

Of course I'm worried about cancer, and search the web. I have to reassure myself that if it was cancer I would have more symptons than a feeling of something stuck in my throat. Right?

Do you think this bacteria infection has anything to do with the symptons I'm feeling? I have had 5 doses of antibiotics 250 mg each, I think they say it takes a full 72 hours. I don't know, what do you think? I'm probably making it worse by worring. Thanks again for writing back, it's nice to know that someone cares.