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Sometimes my throat feels a bit irritated and sometimes I can tell my voice sounds different - slightly hoarse but other people probably wouldn't notice it. The weird part is that I haven't had any of that burning acid reflux feeling going on - if I had that I could definitely say that's what is causing this feeling, but since I don't, it seems strange to me. I can swallow pretty well, it just feels like someone is pressing on my throat all the time. Plus, I'm not sure how well the food moves down - maybe it's sitting there for too long. I don't gag - I just feel like something is in there that is too big or something. I am going back to my GP on Sept 23 because she did a thyroid test and other general tests. It's my understanding that if I had something like H. Pylori I would be in more pain - do you think that's right? Thanks for your response - I appreciated it and any more advice you might have!