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Re: Has Anyone Ever Heard Of Taking Lexapro....

I'm okay mNUT, thanks for caring. I left the dr. a message. He knows I'm back on the Lexapro and as soon as I get out of this depression completely, I'll be in to see him.

I had a headache, but that was about it. He swore that you could jump from one A.D. to the other and you'd be okay. It's when you have to taper down because you aren't going on another one.

I had to do that with Lexapro one time, it took me 12 weeks!

I just can't wait to feel "normal" again and I pray the weight gain won't come back. I think what it might be is that I still have a tiny bit of the old drug in me and that's why I feel lighter, but I'm HOPING it's because I'm splitting the dose. One can always HOPE.

Hope you are doing okay. I don't know your story. What cocktail are you on?

I am going to try to get some sleep, I have insomnia, but I'm going to try again to lay down. If you write back, I'll answer your post in the morning.