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Re: agoraphobia

I have had anxiety problems since I was a teenager, and I'm 31 now. At one point, I became nearly housebound. I urge you to keep trying to get out of the house, to keep testing your safety zone. You must never give up. You may need medications to help you with this. Just keep getting out, whether your legs feel like gelatin or your heart is pounding, you have to keep going. The more you get out and test your boundaries, the easier it will become. It is very difficult to go out in public or anywhere when feeling so anxious, but in the end, it is imperative to your recovery. There are some self-help books that help you lay out specific programs, you might try searching a large bookstore. Claire Weekes' book like Hope and Help for Your Nerves are oldies but goodies, I found them very comforting. Take care. It does get better.