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Re: curious...your ex coming back...what did you do

Took mine a year, after leaving our family of 12 yrs. He then came back, the day of the settlement, crying uncontrollably, and wanting me to comfort him. "What have I done?!!! You are the best woman, the best mother....what have I done?!!!"

I was nice, but said I wouldn't take him back if he was the last person on earth, and I was happy now, and wished him the best. Hope that we can get along for our children's sake.....he's still an angry jerk, and we are not getting along b/c of one reason--he's never going to change. When he doesn't get what he wants--he's a miserable, controlling jerk. Mean. His GF will see his true colors one day, if she sticks around, and she can deal with the jerk--not me!!

I have had my issues, and still have some, working on them. BUT--not ever going to be with him again, and boy did it let me know I had really moved on. I was proud, and knew it had been over for me for a long time. Just needed some distance to see it.