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Sore Abdomen/Stomach?

I have been experiencing digestive problems for a number of years now. A quick breakdown:

> constipation after daughter was born 6 years ago. At this point my abdomen would swell and become distended and uncomfortable, but I put it off as gas or something related to. (I had a C-Section, and never have been able to have a "normal" movement ever since)

>Vomitting/Diarrhea for about 5 months ( starting january 05 ). I was also severely nauseous, dizzy and lightheaded for most of this.GP first suspected Lactose Intolerance, and avoiding lactose for 2 weeks helped, but did not completely relieve my symptoms.(to this day I still cannot eat/drink anything containing lactose) Doctor then prescribed I believe Bentylol for this, and it stopped the diarrhea/vomitting. From here I was given Dicetel, as GP thought it was spasms. Dicetel did nothing, but cause constipation, which was a problem before anyway.

>Constant bloating/swollen feeling in my abdomen now since before the vomitting started. Continually getting worse. It is hard to describe. It feels like a great amount of pressure pushing at my navel. I look pregnant (and I'm not!).

>Tender/Sore stomach. I cannot even touch my abdomen without wincing. Even wearing pants hurts. I cannot sleep at night.

> Shooting pains in abdomen, occur maybe 4 times a week. Feels like someone is stabbing me, or poking me with a hot fireplace poker. This is not central to one side or the other, but rather all over. From right to left side.

>Blood in stool/on toilet paper. Began (that I noticed) around jan 05 as well. Slowly becoming worse. Now it happens with almost every bm, and there is more and more blood. I once (tmi sorry) soaked my bedsheat in blood. This was about 2 months ago now.

>Incomplete/painful bm's. The pain is not so much before and during, but AFTER I am finished. Its like something in my stomach tenses up goes into spasms and just freaks out. This will last for hours after a bm, but eventually goes back to the dull ache I experience constantly.

> Low, low back pain. Daily, constant. On a scale of 1 to 10... a 15. I blew this off as a result of the epidural for my c-section because that is around when it started. But over the years it has progressed to a constant, debilitating pain. I cannot relieve it, no matter how I sit, or how I sleep, it is always hurting. I have resorted to sleeping flat on my back, it's the only way i get enough relief to fall asleep.

> No matter what I eat, it aggravates my digestive tract. I can eat chocolate (which I severly crave) to boiled rice, and it all affects me the same. It's like my stomach rejects any and all food and goes into a tantrum. I can only eat small amounts as well. After two or three bites, my abdomen begins to ache, and I feel full, and then sore.

> Acid Reflux/Heartburn. Daily. I sometimes can taste it in my mouth (gross!)

> Constantly feel I need to urinate. I pee about 50 times a day. Sometimes, I feel like I have to go, but when I get to the bathroom I cannot. Sometimes it is so bad it wakes me up several times an hour at night. No pain/burning when urinating though. Just a constant need to.

> feel dehydrated all the time. I cannot get enough liquids into me. I drink about 1 cup water an hour at work (approx a 9 hour day). My mouth feels dry all the time.

> I feel lightheaded/spaced out/dizzy all the time. (don't think it relates, but it might). nauseous occasionally.

Wow seems I have more problems than I thought! I hope someone reading this can help me pick some sense of this.

I have had a sigmoidoscopy, fall of 05, came back normal. Bloodwork to check liver enzymes came back fine. Diagnosed as IBS, but doesn't seem right to me. I had a urinalysis 2 weeks ago that checked out fine.

What bothers me the most right now, is the sore/swollen, painful stomach. It literally feels like there is a beach ball being shoved from my back through my navel. Anyone else get this? It went from an occasional, to a constant swollen. It never lets up. It does not seem to be relieved by passing gas, or a bm. And I am no more gassy now than I have ever been. Less really if anything. It does not feel like a stretching, or pulling, but more like something has been stretched, if that makes sense.

Ok, sorry for the rant, but I'm hoping this sounds familar to someone. I think my doctor thinks I am a quack!

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