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Re: Lupus and successful pregnancy?

dear tammyd-

I wasn't dxd with lupus until after my two children were delivered, but there is NO way that what happened to me during those two pregnancies was coincidence. With my first, I bled nearly the whole time and my daughter was induced 6 weeks early due to IUGR (she weighed 4 lb, 4 oz). There had apparently been a clot under the placenta. With my son, my water spontaneously broke at 21 weeks. I was devastated. The baby was still alive, though, and I didn't develop an infection nor did I go into labor for 4 weeks (they did send me home, though, and told me that I should abort at that point...I said "no"). My son was born at 26 weeks, weighing 1lb 8 oz, and was very sick. We spent 3 and a half months in the NICU and we brought him home on oxygen. He is now 5 and full of energy and doing fine (although he's a little on the small side). I'm just amazed at what we had to walk through to get him here.

I do need to add that I wasn't dxd with SLE until my son was about 4. No one seems willing to admit that my pregnancy difficulties were due to something "sinister" going on like SLE, but from what I've read, it wouldn't be totally out of the question that SLE was the cause of the problems I had.

I pray that you, also, will be able to realize your wish of having a successful pregnancy. I don't know that mine would be considered "successful," however I do have two beautiful children as a result. I did have a great deal of medical intervention and help along the way, though. I also pray that God will meet you and heal your broken heart after the loss of your sweet babies.
Take care. You're not alone.

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